Expression Design Studio

Our goal is to provide website design, maintenance, and hosting services that exceed the needs and desires of our amazing clients. We love to watch their businesses grow and thrive and believe that providing amazing service and design will not only benefit them, but us as well. 

To provide this level of service we make a point to be available to our clients when they need us and always treat them with the attention we would want to receive. 


Website Design

Our goal is to build websites that business’s are proud to show off. Because expression through design is just one of the ways you share your brand and passion with the world.

Maintenance & Hosting

Running your business is all you need to worry about. Let us keep your virtual storefront taken care of so you can focus on what brought you into business in the first place.

Our story

How it all began

What started as trying to make a single edit to my first website, turned into a passion for website design. 

Learning to adjust and manipulate a “visual language” intrigued me and others began notice.

Soon friends, bloggers, and other small business owners began asking for help in creating and updating their plain websites into something they were proud to show off. 

So, in March of 2019, I took the plunge and opened Expression Design Studio. 

As a design house, we strive to create websites that reflect their owners taste and business brand. We believe that website design is an extension of the person behind it and should be treated as such.

How can we help bring your vision into reality?

Meet The Team

Dawn Stockslager

Web Designer / owner
Hi Punkin

Shawna Gray

client manager / copy writer
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