WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. In fact, NASA’s website is built on WordPress! That’s when you know WordPress is a serious contender for building your own website. The problem only seems to arise when your grand website design ideas, conflict with your minimal WordPress knowledge! 

I’ve been there!! My first website quickly went from “happening blog” to passion project to learn how to make WordPress do what I wanted it to do. Within a short time, people were asking me how I managed to learn it. 

Well, friend, that would be from YouTube and my trusty Google search bar!

You may not want to spend months trying to figure out how to change a single thing. Or you may simply want someone to explain it for you.

Simply select which consulting package you’d like to purchase to schedule your first call. 




Simply fill out the contact form and schedule a time that work’s for you.



At our scheduled time we will have our chat and I will answer your questions, give advise, and cheer you on as needed. 



If needed, we can regroup to see how things are working, or tweak some plans. 


As many as you want. Just know that consulting is charged on a per chat basis.

If you know you’re not going to be available during our scheduled time, just let me know before hand and we can reschedule. If you do not answer during our scheduled call time then that time is lost and will not be refunded. 

If I don’t know the answer, then I will be honest and do my best to find you an answer. Be rest assured that I will not give you random information on a subject matter that I have zero expeience in. 

Absolutely. For the best results I would schedule that at monthly intervals to allow time for you to work towards your goals in between our chats.  


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