Shawna Gray

Married her high school sweetheart at 18

Shawna and James started out as friends in the 5th grade. He loved her, but she wasn’t having it (she thought he was too short). Once she got over that, she quickly fell in love with him. They now have two beautiful “ginger babies” and own a home in the country.

Loves to learn

Shawna has been known to Google the history of a road, town, floor plan layout, and orca whales. She is always curious about the world around her and has a fierce craving to know as much as she can about a topic that strikes her fancy.

Can remember anyone

Shawna is amazing when it comes to remembering faces and names. While working as a booking agent for an inflatable rental company, she was known for being able to remember clients that she would only speak to ONCE a year. But, without her Google calendar, don’t ask her to remember what she planned yesterday.

Random facts

  • Loves history
  • Is an outdoor girl at heart
  • Believes in the value of the “village”
  • Loves to cook and entertain
  • Always down for game night
  • Favorite drink is sangria

Let's be friends

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