Dawn Stockslager

Served in the US Navy from 2003-2010

Dawn served overseas for four years before returning to Virginia Beach for her last duty station. She received an honorable discharge as an MA2/E5. While serving she met and married her then husband and had her daughter, Emory.

Is known as the wordy one

In high school one of Dawn’s friends swore she used “word of the day” toilet paper (it doesn’t actually exist). She’s known for using a big word when a small one would work as well. She has a passion for expression and uses language to bring an emotion, a story, or a memory to life.


As a teenager she would rearrange the living room furniture late at night, and would be told to “put it back” when her dad would wake up the next day. As she grew up she realized that she hated cleaning but loved to organize, so that is how she would trick herself into taking care of her home. In 2016 she began organizing homes for clients, and still does to this day.

Random facts

  • Addicted to road trips
  • Calls everyone by a pet name
  • Still drives like a cop
  • Favorite drink is a gin and tonic
  • Knows how to waltz, polka, and 2-step and misses it like crazy. 
  • Becoming obsessed with learning to cook better.

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